Meditation in Sandbach

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Meditation in Sandbach,Cheshire


The Medshed:  a place to learn and practise meditation

Built in a suburban garden in Sandbach, the Medshed has been designed to provide a quiet retreat from our busy lives.  Charles and Diane are experienced meditators and have been working with the High Peak method for 30 years.

New meditators are invited to learn more about meditating and begin to practice on Mondays at 10.30 am or 7.30 pm.  These will be short sessions. Group meetings on Tuesday evenings for ongoing meditators from 8pm to 9.30pm.

No fees are charged for tuition or meetings.

About High Peak Meditation
Meditation is a developmental system for the mind. Practised regularly, the habit of sustained and directed attentiveness helps to open our mind to the world around us, brightening the colour and beauty of our surroundings and our fellow travellers. By repeatedly withdrawing our attention from the thoughts that normally monopolise our minds, the importance of those thoughts is reduced, allowing a greater consciousness of the present moment, a space for the new, an island of calm and an access point to knowledge.